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A. OPERATION (Yearly Contract)
1. Operation & monitoring of Utility & Facility Equipment such as:
• Powerhouse System (Generator Sets, Air Compressors, Pumps ,Boilers & other
Powerhouse auxiliary equipment)
• HVAC System (Chillers, Pumps, Air-con units, Fans and Blowers, Heat Exchangers,
Cooling Towers and other HVAC auxiliary equipment)
2. Monitoring and Control of Spare parts and consumables needed in the operation of
Utility & Facility Equipment such as Chemicals, Bearings, V-Belts and others.
3. Making periodic Report Documentation which contains data analysis, graphical
presentation, equipment status and recommendations for repairs and improvements on
the equipment or system.
B. Service Provider of Mitsubishi and Hitachi Centrifugal Chiller
1. Centrifugal Chiller Machine Maintenance
• 5 years Maintenance Program
• Condenser and Evaporator Maintenance Program
• Cleaning the Tube
• Standard Maintenance Schedule for Centrifugal Chiller
• Annual Maintenance Items
• Periodical Maintenance (Overhauling)
• Major Electrical Parts
• Major Components
• Maintenance of Compressor and Motor
• Precautions on Water Control
• Cooling Water
• Chilled Water